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Our Philosophy

Filmmaking, as we see it, is defined as broadly as possible.  We embrace the cinematic and the televisual, including animation and documentary, and the interface between them.  Our horizons go beyond Hollywood to include Bollywood, Lollywood, Europe, and Australia.  Recently, individual members of our group have travelled to Britain, Australia and Dubai to examine different approaches to filmmaking.


Welcome to Oberlin Filmmakers! We meet every Sunday at 1 p.m. at the Oberlin Public Library.  If you join us (there's no charge or forms to fill out), you will join a small community of amateur filmmakers ranging in age from early teens to retirement.  We often wear many "hats" during film production, from actors and actresses to camera man, editor and director, which makes us rather dynamic as well as diverse.  We hope you will find the opportunity you want within our group and we, in turn, hope that we will have the opportunity to welcome you as a fellow traveller on the road to filmmaking.

The Oberlin Public Library (OPL), situated north of the Oberlin City Hall, is located at 65 South Main Street in Oberlin, Ohio.  OPL has been very supportive of Oberlin Filmmakers, offering rooms and audio-visual equipment.  OPL also offers a comprehensive collection of videos and DVDs.  If a particular item is not stocked in their collection, then it often can be obtained through inter-library loan.  The OPL staff are always willing to respond to our queries and requests.  This partnership combines to provide aspiring filmmakers with a high level of support.


Oberlin Filmmakers is a pioneering, innovative and free group of independent and amateur filmmakers, as well as one of Oberlin's more voluntaryist "schools".  If example is the school of mankind, then Oberlin Filmmakers is the school of filmmaking.  If, in the words of Thomas Arnold, "Real knowledge, like everything of value, . . . must be worked for, studied for, thought for", can filmmaking be fun? We think so. For most of us, the primary reason we get together to make films is because we have a great time doing so.  To get a flavor of filmmaking, click on the links to some of our films on the next page and take a look at some of the results of our activities.


Matt Zaleski's latest trailer for his sequel to RED BATTLE can be viewed here


Kudos to Margie Walker and Dr. Jean Kibbens for the PBS broadcast of their documentary on Lorain's Hope House!

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